Since its founding in 1890, Babachokanamono Co.,Ltd has introduced various kinds of hardware such as Japanese knives manufactured in the Tsubame-Sanjo area as a wholesaler.

Kitchen knives are usually distributed in paper boxes and paulownia boxes.Nomadife® was born out of the customer's voice saying that if you lose the box, you cannot safely carry the kitchen knife.The theme is a nomadic knife style that carries the fun of the usual kitchen in a compact way.



The Tsubame-Sanjo area is a metalworking production area where tableware and cutlery are manufactured, starting with the production of Japanese nails, a sideline in the agricultural off-season.Logistics is prosperous because the Shinano River and tributaries gather, and it has flourished as a commercial city since ancient times.

On the other hand, Kamo City, called “Hokuetsu's small Kyoto” ,is a woodworking production area. Paulownia chests have been manufactured since the Edo period.Surrounded by mountains on three sides, the river flows, so the traffic of ships is thriving, and it has a history of being an accumulation center of timber cut from the mountains.

Nomadife®のフラッグシップモデルであるナイフケースは、燕三条地域を象徴する「金属」と、加茂桐たんすを象徴する「木材」の精密加工によって成り立っています。カバーがスライド、ロックする感触は、高精度な金属加工技術によって実現されました。本体の極細溝や面取りは、加茂桐箪笥 朝倉家具の職人の手作業で仕上げられています。


The knife case, the flagship model of Nomadife®, is made up of precision processing of “metal”, which symbolizes Tsubame-Sanjo, and “paulownia”, which symbolizes Kamo paulownia Chest.The feeling that the cover slides and locks was realized by high-precision metal processing technology.The fine grooves and chamfers on the main body are hand-finished by the craftsmen of Asakura Furniture.

We are aiming for a more advanced product that inherits the traditional techniques of Niigata Prefecture, which has a history of several hundred years.